Design Build

For clients who prefer a single point of contact for all phases of the Project, including planning, architecture, engineering, and construction, Sharp General Contractors offers a design-build delivery method. Under this approach, Sharp General Contractors is the client’s single point of responsibility for both the design and construction of the project. Rather than having to separately select and enter into separate contracts with engineers, architects and construction companies, this approach gives clients everything they need to realize their vision, all under one roof.

Design Build

A term often used when referring to Design Build is "turnkey", which implies end-to-end contractor management that produces a finished product ready for immediate client use. Our Design Build services include:

  • Assembling the architectural and engineering team to produce a code compliant, cross- checked development plan and construction drawing package that meets little to no resistance by the approving agencies.
  • Working with the relevant municipalities and often neighborhood committees for development and construction approvals, while helping coordinate and updating the owner with developer obligations such as fees owed, signatures needed, etc...
  • Using our 'Pre-Construction' methods, while working with the client, to present a satisfactory budget, schedule, and design vision, while at the same time preparing the site and our subcontractors for the task ahead.
  • Executing the 'Construction' phase, including intelligent project management, complete with diligent in house project supervision, superior efforts by subcontractors, and effective and borderline excessive client communication.
  • Following through with the ever important 'Post-Construction' phase, where we provide your Certificate of Occupancy, warranty information, 'as-built' drawings, and any other related documents. Additionally, our maintenance crew is available at any time and with any amount of notice to resolve anything that may come up after taking occupancy.

Design Build"It was an absolute delight working with them. The project was finished on time and within their projected budget."

Lisa Jenks, MD
Owner, Genesis Medspa