The Build

Once the plan and budget are in place, it's time to achieve results. SGC has developed standard operating procedures following traditional project management practices that allow us to execute the plan developed in the pre-construction phase, particularly as it concerns budget and schedule.

Regardless of how successful the pre-construction phase may be there are always unforeseen and unexpected adversities encountered in the field. Reacting to these challenges with creativity, innovation, intelligent decision making and positivity is what pushes SGC to the top within our class. Below are some key SGC practices that lead to a successful construction phase.

General Construction

  • Supervision - Qualified, vested & talented individuals on site considering budget, timeline and safety at all times
  • Management - Regular support for and detailed communication with all parties in the field by SGC officers
  • Quality Control - Conformance to the pre-construction specifications with consistent inspections for the purpose of  identifying and eliminating performance and material defects
  • Schedule Control - The regular evaluation, monitoring and reconciliation of estimated activity durations and overall  schedule
  • Budget Control - The regular evaluation, monitoring and reconciliation of all project activity that can impact overall  budget
  • Efficiencies - Effective labor, material, resource and equipment utilization
  • Safety - A commitment to proven controls with regular, mandatory and documented meetings and subcontractor education sessions
  • Organization - Where applicable, on-site filed logs documenting safety meetings, notable site visitors, material  drops, incident reports, etc...
  • Communication - Regular, detailed and accurate status report updates delivered from Contractor to Client.